Organic DIY Dog Wash Melbourne

How to use Dooba Dog Wash


Dooba Organic DIY Dog Wash is a secure fully self contained hydro bath which is simple to use, water efficient and environmentally friendly. For your convenience, we are cashless and accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Dooba will give your dog a beautiful soft shiny coat in 7 easy steps

Step 1: Open the latch on the front of the hydro bath and lead your dog on to the raised non slip floor, attach the build in leash to your dogs collar.

Step 2: Start the wash by paying $13, this will give you 10 minutes which is plenty of time for most dogs. Don’t worry if you need extra time, just pay $2 for additional time before your initial 10 minutes runs out.

Step 3: Select shampoo, grab the hose and gently massage our organic shampoo into a rich lather over your dog, select rinse to wash the shampoo from your dogs coat.

Step 4: Select conditioner and massage our organic conditioner into your dogs coat to get a soft shiny finish, select rinse and wash the conditioner from your dogs coat.

Step 5: If you want to use the optional flea and tick rinse, select this setting and rinse over your dogs coat.

Step 6: Now its time to blow dry your dog, we have both a low and high setting for the blow dryer. We find that starting on the low setting is best for some first timers, you can increase to the high setting if your dog is comfortable with the blow dryer. We recommend bringing a towel to assist with drying.

Step 7: Unclip your dog from the leash and let them out of the dog wash, select the disinfectant setting to clear away the hair so the dog wash is ready for the next dog.

Melbourne Organic DIY Dog Wash